Based on your initial sleep assessment with our sleep disorder specialist, an at-home sleep test may be recommended. This is performed using an ARES™ device which the patient wears as they sleep and records in-depth data.

The ARES device was designed to be used from the comfort of home, in order to capture the most accurate information about a patient’s actual sleeping patterns. The ARES is worn on the forehead and accommodates all sleep positions. Simple, clear audio and visual indicators promote reliable data capture by making it easy for patients to know when the ARES device needs adjustment.

ARES stores up to three nights of nocturnal data. Comfortable and designed to be worn in all sleep positions, ARES was created to be worn at home, where it is easier to gather an accurate profile of the patient’s breathing and sleep. Convenient audio and visual indicators let the patient know when ARES™ needs adjustment, increasing the reliability of data capture.

The ARES device is FDA cleared and clinically validated in thousands of patients. ARES is also the premier device for the latest sleep research. Ongoing research is conducted to deliver the most advanced sleep technology.